Read how NTFactor® repairs damaged cells regardless of the cause and can greatly reduce fatigue in cancer patients including chronic fatigue from chemotherapy.

NTFactor® Repairs Damaged Cells Regardless of the Cause

Lipid Replacement Therapy in the form of NTFactor® reduced fatigue by replacing damaged cell membranes with healthy cell membranes.

  • NTFactor® replaces damaged cell membrane components
  • Increased energy without stimulants
Molecular replacement therapy, also referred to as lipid replacement therapy, in the form of NTFactor® , can provide effective nutritional support for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. A review of research shows that NTFactor® , combined with antioxidants and other nutrients, repairs damage caused by oxidative stress.

In cancer patients, the oxidation is generated both by the disease and by treatment with chemotherapy, and the resulting adverse effects can reduce the effect of the treatment. By replacing damaged lipid molecules, in cell membranes and membranes of mitochondria, the energy generating component in cells, both acute and chronic adverse effects of chemotherapy have been reduced in a majority of chemotherapy patients who followed a regimen of NTFactor® plus antioxidants and other nutrients.

One of the chief symptoms of oxidative stress resulting from chemotherapy, as well as from chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and the aging process, is fatigue. Measured by the Piper Fatigue Scale in earlier studies, fatigue in these situations has been significantly reduced by NTFactor® and antioxidants, described as molecular replacement therapy.

In cancer therapy, molecular replacement therapy with NTFactor® has not modified the anti-cancer, therapeutic effects of chemotherapy drugs. Therefore, such molecular replacement therapy may be a cost-effective and safe way to reduce adverse effects of cancer treatment and improve outcomes.

Nicolson GL, Conklin KA, Reversing mitochondrial dysfunction, fatigue and the adverse effects of chemotherapy of metastatic disease by molecular replacement therapy, Clinical & Experimental Metastasis 2007 Dec 5 [Epub ahead of print]

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