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Propax with NTFactor® has been evaluated in multiple clinical trials to observe benefits in Quality of Life (QOL). The nutrient compound NTFactor® , which causes this product to be a unique proprietary multi-nutrient preparation, has been evaluated and validated in clinical and pre-clinical studies and can be referred to as Lipid Replacement Therapy. (see sidebar images)

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Propax with NTFactor® was used in a study with severely fatigued, aged subjects (>60 years-old) with a variety of clinical diagnoses to reduce fatigue, as measured by the Piper Fatigue Scale.1,2 Fatigue was reduced approximately 40%, from severe to low moderate fatigue, after eight weeks of using Propax with NTFactor® . The results were highly significant (p<0.0001).3

A more recent study initiated to examine the effects of NTFactor® on fatigue in moderately and mildly fatigued subjects and to determine if their mitochondrial function, as measured by the transport and reduction of Rhodamine-123, and fatigue scores improved with administration of NT Factor. Using NTFactor® for eight or twelve weeks resulted in a 33% or 35.5% reduction in fatigue, respectively. These results were highly significant (p<0.001) and were obtained using the validated Piper instrument for measuring fatigue and paralleled significant gains in mitochondrial function. In fact, there was good correspondence between reductions in fatigue and gains in mitochondrial function. After only eight weeks of LRT with NTFactor® mitochondrial function was significantly improved (p<0.001). After 12 weeks of NTFactor® use mitochondrial function was found to be similar to that found in young, healthy adults. After 12 weeks of NTFactor® use, subjects discontinued the supplement for an additional 12 weeks, and their fatigue and mitochondrial function were again measured. After the 12-week wash-out period fatigue and mitochondrial function were intermediate between the initial starting values and those found after eight or 12 weeks of NT Factor use, indicating that continued use of the supplement is probably required to maintain lower fatigue scores and show improvements in mitochondrial function.4

Propax with NTFactor® has been evaluated to improve QOL in cancer patients by reducing the effects of cancer therapy, such as chemotherapy-induced fatigue, nausea, vomiting and other side effects associated with chemotherapy. In a 12-week double-blinded, cross-over, placebo controlled, randomized trial on cancer patients receiving chemotherapy Propax with NTFactor® supplementation resulted in improvement from fatigue, nausea, diarrhea, impaired taste, constipation, insomnia and other quality of life indicators. The majority (64%) of the patients in this study reported significant reductions in chemotherapy-induced side effects, and 29% experienced no overall worsening of chemotherapy side-effects. Following crossover from placebo to the supplement patients reported rapid improvement in nausea, impaired taste, tiredness, appetite, sick feeling and other indicators associated with chemotherapy. 5


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