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Propax w/ NTFactor® is a broad spectrum moderate dosed nutrient program clinically validated to reduce and eliminate fatigue 1,2,3. It contains a full spectrum of vitamins; both fat- and water-soluble, a full range of minerals; micro & macro, a complete group of anti-oxidants, pre- & pro-biotics, essential fatty acids along with the validated nutrient compound NTFactor® 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 which is also the tablet base and majority source of binder. The tablets are completely composed of food or food extracts and contains absolutely no non-nutritive material.

A unit dose is composed of four identical tablets and one soft gel capsule delivered in cellophane packets. The soft gel capsule contains Omega 3 fatty acids (EPA, DHA) while the remainder of the nutrients including NTFactor® are contained in the tablets.

Nutritional Benefits / Unique Mechanisms: The nutrient compound NTFactor® introduces ‘Membrane Lipid Replacement Technology’ and as such provides for the revitalization of cell and mitochondrial membrane including functions and integrity.6 Pre-clinical experiments demonstrate almost complete cessation of expected age-related loss of mitochondrial function, nerve function and accumulation of age-related genetic damage as test animals aged from the equivalent of early middle age to advanced age.1,2 Clinical trials demonstrate reversal of age-related loss of mitochondrial function in an elderly population to levels normal for young adults.1

Improved membrane fluidity and electrical potentials increase the utilization of the spectrum of nutrients present in Propax.

Moderate dosed and naturally complexed nutrients allow for effective adjunctive nutritional support with all current pharmaceuticals regimens including oncology.1, 2,3

Clinical Applications: In clinical trials Propax with NTFactor® reduced severe fatigue by 40% in 8 weeks.2 Double-blinded randomized trials demonstrate a majority of chemotherapy patients experience reduced fatigue, nausea, diarrhea, impaired taste, constipation, insomnia and other quality of life indicators when using Propax as an adjunct to chemotherapy.3

All chronic degenerative disease is accompanied or preceded by a reduction in mitochondrial function, a degradation of membrane lipids and loss of membrane fluidity.6 These are also characteristics of aging along with age-related damage to mitochondrial DNA. Furthermore, pharmaceutical regimens are typically toxic to mitochondria and accelerate membrane rancidity.6

Propax relives fatigue

Propax therefore should be a part of the daily regimen of all individuals concerned with quality of life preservation, disease prevention and mitigation as well as individuals interested in natural non-hormone anti-aging strategies6. It may also be used as an adjunct to any standard therapy.1, 2, 3

Dosing: Propax is available in unit doses of four tablets and one soft gel capsule per packet. Consumption of the tablets may be separated from consumption of the soft gel capsule by at least 30 minutes for optimal utilization. Tablets should also be consumed separately from any lecithin, choline, whey or essential fatty acid containing formulas or foods. These items may intefere with the absorption of NTFactor® . Since the inclusion of NTFactor® gives Propax tablets a complete food character the tablets may be taken away from food.

The number of packets administered daily is dependent on the individual’s experience of fatigue. Validated fatigue tools are available from NTI.

If the individual is chronically exposed to cyto-toxic chemicals the daily dose should be up to 3 packets per day.


For severe fatigue: 3 packets per day.

For moderate fatigue: 2 packets per day

For mild fatigue or general health purposes: 1 packet per day.

Note; based on clinical studies individuals experiencing moderate and severe fatigue will be able to reduce dosages to 1 packet per day within 12 weeks (P<0.0001)2.


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